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The Table Church is an inclusive Christian church community in Casper, Wyoming.  At The Table church, we journey together as a Christian missional faith community to show love to everyone. The Table Church is a post-modern, emerging church. At The Table Casper, all are welcome and belong. All are accepted at The Table church. There’s always room for one more around The Table!

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You will not want to miss this inspiring, challenging & hopeful evening.

 “Civil Rights Then & Now: The Presence of Justice”

What lessons from the death of Rev. James Reeb in Selma, AL in 1965 apply to Wyomingites in 2019?

Rev. James Reeb was murdered by segregationists is Selma, AL in 1965. He had responded to the call of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for allies to join civil rights workers in marching from Selma to Montgomery. 

Then, as now, race relationships in America cause divisions of life and death proportions. Rev. Reeb was deeply shaped by his growing up in Casper, WY. He chose to have his ashes spread in the Shirley Basin. Wyoming cannot escape its own history of division between races and ethnic identities.

Rev. Reeb’s life and legacy is one of compassion - an ever increasing capacity for neighboring those around him. Instead of seeing fellow citizens as “other” Rev. Reeb sought to understand each person as a fellow human, with needs, loves and dreams. It was this spirit of curiosity that lead to a greater capacity for seeking justice for self and all those around him. He understood the depth to which Dr. King’s civil rights leadership and work sought lasting peace:

‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

‘True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.’ 

In this panel discussion we will explore how injustices in Wyoming then & now lead us to seek the presence of justice for ourselves and our neighbors.

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