doubters + disciples together

The Table Church is an inclusive Christian church community in Casper, Wyoming.  At The Table church, we journey together as a Christian missional faith community to show love to everyone. The Table Church is a post-modern, emerging church. At The Table Casper, all are welcome and belong. All are accepted at The Table church. There’s always room for one more around The Table!

Check the Lost and Found

Getting lost, while disorienting, allows us unlike any other circumstances to be fully present in the moment. If we can get past the“fight or flight” reaction, being lost forces us to see and hear and pay attention in ways we haven’t before. With deep breaths and patience and stillness, I honed my way back to the main road on those cross country skis.

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The Table Church
230 W. Yellowstone Casper, WY 82601
Phone: (307) 363-1490
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