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The Table Church is an inclusive Christian church community in Casper, Wyoming.  At The Table church, we journey together as a Christian missional faith community to show love to everyone. The Table Church is a post-modern, emerging church. At The Table Casper, all are welcome and belong. All are accepted at The Table church. There’s always room for one more around The Table!


Transformation:  We value the transformation that comes from realizing our separation from God because of our common will for independence rather than interdependence. As we choose to surrender in submission to the way of God’s love, our lives are transformed by our common will to join God’s mission of reconciliation.

Relationships:  We value that God’s chosen mode of revelation is relationship. There is the beautiful relationship shared in the Godhead, and as the Father sent the Son who sent the Spirit so we too are sent to tell of the salvation found in God’s love of humanity. We value the gift of our relationship to God, self, others and creation. We call this community. We seek to nurture and mutually empower each of these relationships.

Responsibility:  We value the responsibility we have to participate, cooperate and devote ourselves entirely to the way of God’s love as modeled to us in the life of Jesus. This responsibility is not taken lightly or without accounting the cost, but it is done so joyfully knowing that God’s yoke is easy and burden light. We are responsible to show others where to find the Bread of Life so that those who partake may never go hungry again.    

Restoration:  We value the restoration that comes from joining God’s family, as we turn away from independence and toward interdependence. We recognize that restoration is desperately needed on our earth today in all of our broken relationships with humans, creation, money, sexuality, power. We will work for justice and peace to reign on earth through our gospel-obedience to the holy Scriptures, so that reconciliation between God and creation will be realized. 


Listening:  Together we will practice listening to God in prayer and through Scripture, to each other in community, and to the culture around us for what God is up to here and now for the sake of the gospel. We will listen to the teachings of the prophets, apostles and Biblical witnesses found in Scripture, and the collective voice of church tradition throughout history. We will be shaped primarily by God’s story found in the scriptures as it has shaped God’s people from the beginning and still informs our stories in the present. 

Hospitality:  Together we will practice meeting each other’s basic needs. We will share a common table and eat regularly together, care for each other in our homes and neighborhoods, and play together. 


Compassion:  Together we will practice suffering with each other, just like our God who has come near to be with us in our suffering. We will find the broken places in our community, neighborhood and world and seek to close the gap between God’s justice and the desert places where love has not yet conquered evil.   

Action:  Together we will practice worshipping the God who desires steadfast love and deep relationship with God’s people, not just religious sacrifice or dutiful reaction. We will partake of the Holy Common Meal at The Table together on a weekly basis, allowing the hospitality of the Lord’s table to shape our faith and our being. We will engage in being Jesus’ disciples, becoming learners and doers of God’s love and showing others the same way of devotion. We will also practice the sacrament of baptism, which symbolizes the new life into which we have been called and mirrors the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. We will practice serving each other, our neighborhood and world until all the hungry and thirsty are fed and quenched, all the homeless and orphans have homes, all the abandoned are loved and all wars have ceased.

The Table Church
230 W. Yellowstone Casper, WY 82601
Phone: (307) 363-1490
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