doubters + disciples together

The Table Church is an inclusive Christian church community in Casper, Wyoming.  At The Table church, we journey together as a Christian missional faith community to show love to everyone. The Table Church is a post-modern, emerging church. At The Table Casper, all are welcome and belong. All are accepted at The Table church. There’s always room for one more around The Table!

Belong. Beloved. Be Nourished.

The Table church welcomes doubters and disciples. The Table Casper is a church for people who believe in God and people who doubt God.

Have you searched for a spiritual community where you belong and are known, only to find yourself hurt, intimidated or rejected by organized religion? 

We understand how you feel. In fact, we have met many people who felt the same way until they joined us around The Table. These folks found something different at The Table -- a welcoming community where everyone's story matters and where everyone belongs. 

Are you curious about what connects all of us as humans but skeptical that going to church requires you to check your brain at the door? 

At The Table we believe that a thoughtfully engaged spiritual community should be the norm, not the exception. Our conversations are invigorating and accessible, and they lead to creative action. 

Do you long to participate in a community where you are invited to help make the world a better place, regardless of what you believe, don't believe or how you live? 

Transforming the world begins with us. We join forces for good in Casper and beyond with anyone who is willing to love alongside of us. At The Table we are helping to create a better community and a better world through love and compassion for all our neighbors and planet.

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Why doubters + disciples together?
Aren’t they kind of opposites? 

Well, not really. 

We don’t have it all figured out. In a lot of ways we’re experimenting with what inclusive Christianity can look like... 

We have a hunch that there this is a little bit of doubter and disciple in each of us. 

To satisfy that hunger and to quench that thirst, we gather around The Table - doubters + disciples together. 

A simple definition of a disciple is this:  a student or follower of a particular teacher, leader or philosopher. 

A simple definition of a doubter is this: a person who is ready to question the truth or existence of something; someone who is as yet undecided or skeptical. 

More on doubters + disciples together... 


The Table Church
230 W. Yellowstone Casper, WY 82601
Phone: (307) 363-1490
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